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5 Things you shouldn't miss when you fly to watch a football game!


Dreams vary from person to person, but for football lovers it has always been one dream, "to visit one’s favorite team’s stadium".

When you set foot in the stadium, you forget everything else and the beautiful atmosphere alone will take you to another world.

You are amazed by the size and the architecture of the stadium, inside and out. You will notice how your focus will shift from staring at the green grass to the players once they come out.

All of this is beautiful and magical, but to truly have an extraordinary experience, make sure not to miss out on doing the following: 

So what are the things you shouldn't miss?


- Head to the stadium, surrounded by fans. 


Many use the taxi or any car to go to the game, unaware that they are missing special moments shared with fans. These moments happen when you take the train or the bus to the game. Indeed, it’s where fans chant songs of their team altogether, creating an atmosphere of support, passion and love.


- Join gatherings outside the stadium


Watching a football game in the stadium is not just a 90 minutes experience, but much more than that. The real experience starts before you enter the stadium and ends when everyone goes home. You should be there 2 hours before, or even more, because that’s when everyone gathers to sing and dance and cheer before the game, and that energy cannot be found elsewhere. 


- Visit the Fans shop


Outside every stadium there's a mini-shop for fans who would like to buy anything related to their favorite team, such as T-shirts, scarves, flags, photos, souvenirs -- so don't forget to pass by.


- Sit with the Ultras


Imagine yourself sitting in the heart of the Anfield Stadium, watching a Liverpool game and singing ‘You'll Never Walk Alone’.  Booking a seat where the most passionate fans sit has a different kind of vibe. It’s the core of the atmosphere. 



- Celebrate with fans


When the referee hits the final whistle, the game ends for the players and the coach, but for the fans it doesn’t. You should go and celebrate the win. In  case of a loss, you'll find yourself discussing what happened, and talking about the outcome. Therefore, in both cases, you should follow the crowd that will either head to the town’s square or to a restaurant that only locals know about. 

Traveling to watch a national team or club play is the dream of many, and we make those dreams come true!

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