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Football in the Spanish Capital

Home to two of the biggest football clubs in the world, Madrid is a paradise for lovers of the beautiful game. Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid compete every year in the most prestigious national and international championships. If you love football and are visiting Madrid, Flyfoot will give you the experience of a lifetime and plan your trip for you to enjoy the city and the game like a true Madridista. Games are played all year round with the exception of the summer months. The La Liga season runs from August until May. 


   Atletico Madrid’s stadium is called Wanda Metropolitano, located in Rosas neighbourhood in the San Blas-Canillejas district. The soul of this club is surrounded by red and white stripes and seven stars. Their rivalry with Real Madrid is well known, and when they play against each other, the city is divided into colchoneros (Atletico de Madrid fans) and merengues (Real Madrid fans).


   Real Madrid has probably achieved all a football club could and has been the most supported club in the country for the majority of its history. The Galácticos era of Real Madrid included players such as Zinedine Zidane, Luís Figo, David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos. The club’s stadium is called Santiago Bernabéu, located in Chamartin. A tour inside the stadium includes a trip around the field, the changing rooms, the trophies display room, the players’ tunnel, a tour that makes you feel like you’re part of the team. 


   Before watching a game of Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid, prepare yourself for a lively atmosphere. The pre match rituals in Madrid include heading to Calle Marceliano Santa María, a street that gather fans to chant and make themselves heard. There are bars lining the street where it is recommended to get drinks and snacks because it is much less expensive than inside the stadium. Right then, your journey truly begins.


   Once you arrive at the stadium, with Fly-Foot’s high end services, getting inside is pretty easy and simple. Make sure you get everything you need before making it to your seats and we cannot stress enough how important it is to be sitting down before the whistle blows. Why? A champions league match for example will play the Champions League anthem before the game starts and it definitely gives you the chills and you will feel the anticipation and excitement build up. You will enjoy watching the teams entering the field and hear the chants before the whistle blows.  At the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, you'll be impressed by its size and the incredible atmosphere when the seats are packed. Atlético Madrid fans are famous in Spain because they are so lively, so you will definitely enjoy the atmosphere and the game.


   You don't necessarily have to be a fan of either team to enjoy the game in Madrid, Jaleel chehayeb has had an amazing extraordinary experience with his family watching a game in Bernabéu with Fly-Foot, even though he is a Manchester City fan. That is because it is impossible not to have a great time in Madrid when there’s a football match happening. 


   Once the game ends, if you want to discover the best places to celebrate with locals, make sure you go to the Paseo del Prado. Real Madrid fans celebrate around the Cibeles fountain, and Atlético Madrid fans celebrate around the Neptuno fountain. This place turns into a real party when thousands of fans come and celebrate with the football stars, who usually arrive by bus.