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Messi and Real Madrid reunited 


On February 15th, ‘Parc des Princes’ Stadium will reunite Messi and Real Madrid again in a top game in the UEFA Champions League.


The Argentinian failed to score in the last 7 games against Ramos, but this time he will be playing alongside his old nemesis, in addition to the big Real Madrid fan, Mbappe who is going to

leave his emotions aside when he faces the team he’s about to join in the summer.


The return leg will be played in Madrid at the Bernabeu on March 9th, where Real Madrid fans will witness what will be Messi’s last performance in their stadium. 


This might be the last game between Leo and Real, so no football passionates, Messi lovers, Real Madrid or PSG fans should miss out on this moment.


We at FLY-FOOT, will make sure you won't skip the game: We'll take you there!