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Football in England, an endless love story



England is part of the United Kingdom, which also includes Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Most people head straight to England’s capital, London, home to famous landmarks such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Westminster Abbey.  

England has an incredibly interesting history, age-old traditions, and spectacular gardens. Football as we know it today evolved in Britain, which is why they are proudly known as 'the home of football'. From stadium tours to exciting championships and the electric atmosphere of a live game, there is no better place to be if you're a football fanatic.



Manchester is home to one of the world’s most successful football clubs, Manchester United, so it’s no surprise that people from this Northern city have an obsession with the sport. Also home to the current Premier League champions, Manchester City, and the National Football Museum, Manchester is a must visit for football fans of all descriptions. Manchester has a number of bars and pubs that screen Premier League games live, giving you plenty of options to catch the action. But of course, one would want to catch game tickets and head to The Old Trafford, The Etihad or Anfield stadium on match day. 



With Flyfoot, getting league tickets and planning a whole trip to England has never been easier; whether you want to watch an Arsenal game in London, a Liverpool game in Anfield or even take the train to Manchester, home ground of Manchester City and Manchester United. Stadium tours are always on the list when visiting England, you can book a tour, walk around dressing rooms, tunnels and relive the triumphs of English football. 



Samer Makarem shared with us how he became an Arsenal fan, his experience of Flyfoot in England with his friend and how enjoyable it was: 


“The first and last time I saw Arsenal play competitively was during a family trip in 1997 and it was when I decided to become an Arsenal fan. Apart from a few Emirates Cup exhibition games, I've only seen Arsenal compete on TV and I was itching to be able to watch a game. 

Fast forward 18 years later to January 2015, when I was able to secure 2 tickets in the Away section against Manchester City through Fly Foot with a good friend of mine, also a die-hard Arsenal fan. We knew that the Arsenal Away fans were some of the best in the world, and we were so thrilled to be part of that experience. 
We went to Manchester via train with a bunch of other fans and once we got to Manchester we walked around for a bit, had lunch, then headed to the stadium. Manchester City were 12 games undefeated and we hadn't beaten City away in 5 years. We were attending the game expecting a loss but just wanted to enjoy the experience of watching our beloved team live. How wrong we were that day and we came away with a 2-0 win thanks to a Santi Cazorla masterclass, and even got Giroud's second celebration right in front of us!! It was one of those amazing Arsenal focused, defensive performances. Celebrating with the fans, we were on a high for the rest of our trip, from leaving the stadium to the trip back to London. It was a high and nothing could have brought us down. I always knew that watching your team live was a ceremonial experience, but nothing could have prepared me for that pure joy and elation- being part of the turning point of our season, being in the stadium, cheering the team on to a season where we would win the FA Cup. Hell yeah!!”



If Makarem’s experience and description of his trip gave you the chills, then keep an eye for the upcoming football games and check out Flyfoot’s website for tickets and future trips. We can’t wait for football to be back and cheer with the world.