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We miss football, but most of all we miss being where the magic happens. 

The coronavirus is impacting all aspects of society across the world and the global sports industry is significantly affected. With the cancelation of games and leagues, many of us are struggling without football, because it genuinely stimulates a similar “love” feeling in each one of us. With the absence of football, we all still seem to reunite with each other through the love of sports. Famous football players have shared on their social media accounts many videos of them practicing or even fooling around, which kept the bond with the world even stronger; we are all in this together. From the replay of old games to online gaming, we all seem to manage to find a way to stay connected to football. However, something is still missing. 


We have been reaching out to fans asking them what they miss most about the game, and those true fans all shared the same answer: We miss travelling to watch a live football game..


Even though television football today is better than ever, watching a live game is totally different and has changed the whole football experience ever since. From the moment you purchase a game ticket to the moment you come back home. Nothing beats flying to watch a live game at the stadium, vast crowds united in joy and excitement, allowing each individual to share intense and thriving emotions. 


The matchday experience doesn’t just begin when the game starts, it’s much more than that.It starts when you wake up in the morning in Barcelona, London, Madrid or any other city and get ready for the journey. On your way to the stadium, you can start feeling the vibes and energy all around you. You look around and notice people heading to the same destination, all wearing their jerseys and carrying the flags. You arrive and everything is like nothing you have ever imagined. The crowd outside, young kids and adults,  the face paintings, the chants, the vendors, and the organized stadium staff. 


The atmosphere at the stadium is surreal and that's the kind of experience we actually miss right now. People chanting to songs they have memorised for years, like Liverpool’s “You’ll never walk alone” or Chelsea’s “Blue is the colour”, to the sound of drums and hornets, the screams and cheers. Being part of this crowd brings joyful tears and the feeling of pure enlightenment. 


Apart from the atmosphere, going to watch a game creates a bond with the people you’re with that could never be created elsewhere. It also creates a bond with thousands of people around you. You all feel the same at that moment, you all wish for the exact same result for your team, you are sharing instant similar feelings without even thinking about it. Once you reach the stadium and the game begins, you will notice how complete strangers are no longer strangers. Hugs are shared and songs are all sung together in harmony. It doesn’t matter who is seated next to you, in front or behind, you are part of one big family and you wish you never have to let go, you wish the game could last forever. This is the magic of football, it brings people together and makes you forget the reality of the outside world for a moment. 


When you enter the stadium, your heart skips a beat. You look around and the view takes your breath away. It doesn’t matter anymore where your seat is, it doesn’t matter if you can’t get a close up of angles and actions like you do on TV. What you get is a full perspective of the game, the teams, the players when they are in action or off the ball. 
You have the FREEDOM to choose what you want to see. 


If you’ve never been to watch a live game before, that’s something you definitely want to do and experience. It’s an experience that will forever be engraved in your memory, the kind you would tell your grandchildren about.