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FLY FOOT Challenge

Answer our daily football questions, and get the chance to win a trip to watch your favorite team live

Football is coming back!

No quiz available, stay tuned.

Quiz Info

Let's bring the football fun back. Join us everyday at 9 PM* (Dubai Time) and play our daily quiz to win a trip to watch your favorite team when football is back!

Everyday the quiz will open for 90 minutes for you to answer the questions. Check out the countdown timer we have here. and follow us on Instagram for a daily reminder

There will be 8 questions per day. You will have to answer quickly, and each correct answer will give a point. Let's see who is the football wiz now eh? .

Check out the leaderboard to see where you stand, along with stats about your performance!

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FLY-FOOT Honor Code:

We’re dedicated to protecting the integrity of your answers on the quiz.

As part of this effort, we’ve created an honor code that we ask everyone to follow:

All players should:

Submit their own original answers

Avoid sharing answers with others

Report suspected violations

*8PM (KSA, Beirut Time)